Gain High-Level Brand Exposure With The PPC Campaign Management

Ensure the high-level performance details including, clicks, impressions and conversions as per your defined brand goals

PPC is a vital and powerful tool that can be used to align web traffic drivers to end business goals. If you want to maximize your potential inquiry rates or click rates but don't have enough expertise to time to make it happen, we can help you with our remarkable PPC campaign management services.

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Campaign Optimization

Increase Your CTR (Click Through Rate) On All The Existing Campaigns

We are specialized in offering your with the best-in-class PPC campaign management services. Our PPC experts boast years of experience in increasing your CTR while reducing CPC (Cost per Click) on all the existing campaigns. We also keep you updated about your project with detailed monthly reports.

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PPC Campaign Set Up

Get More Qualified Visitors To Your Website With Campaign Setup

We, at Social Lexicon, offer professional PPC campaign set up services to start your business campaign. Our necessary campaign management settings can help you generate huge revenue from Bing, Adwords, remarketing, shopping and more. We handle everything related to PPC setup including keyword research, Ad copy creation and bid management.

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Ad Copy Updation (A/B Testing)

Boost Your PPC Results With Ad Copy Updation (A/B Testing)

Since your PPC ads can be on-going investments, thus the small improvement in your efforts can improve your ROI. We offer you with the top-quality Ad copy Updation (A/B Testing) through which you can get to know about which changes you need to make. We use the best components to test the various elements in your PPC ads for enormous results.

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Results Reporting

Stay Informed About The Progress Of Your PPC Campaign Every Month

Many factors determine your PPC success and this includes knowing how much money your competitors are spending at any specific hour of the day. We help you get the right exposure over it and look forward to discussing the reports with you at the end of every month. This means you can keep an eye on your audience analytics as well as performance.

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Negative Keywords Research

Control The Unwanted Clicks On Your Ad With Negative Keywords Research

Your PPC campaign and negative keywords go hand-in-hand. using negative keywords plays an indispensable part in your PPC campaign management strategy that impacts the overall performance of your PPC campaign, controls the unwanted clicks on your ads and improving the conversion rates.

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